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Those memories were immortal – Glory to fallen comrades in Turkey

Those memories were immortal – Glory to fallen comrades in Turkey




dersim ovacik mercan vadisi MKP HKO sehitleri 17`ler (halksavasi)

maoist komünist partisi türkiye ve kuzeykürdistan (halk kurtulus ordusu)
dersim ovacik koe mercan partizan tikko komünist önder ibrahim kaypakkaya

Dersim Ovacik MKP Mercan Sehitleri ( 17’ler)

Dersim Ovacik MKP Mercan Sehitleri ( 17’ler)
20 Haziran 2005 Gazi Mahallesi Istanbul

Hand in Hand with The MKP-HKO

Long Live Marxism, Leninism and Maoism !!!
Following Lenin’s footsteps hand in hand with the MKP-HKO…
MKP is a part of Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.
MKP ( Maoist Communist Party ) fighting against the fascist Kemalist Regime of the Turkish government.
They are fighting for the second October Revolution. They are fighting for the oppressed. They are hope for the brighter future of the Anatolian people…
The armed wing of the party is named Peoples’ Liberation Army (Halk Kurtuluş Ordusu in Turkish, abbreviated as HKO)
“We don’t regard Marx’s theory as something completed and inviolable; on the contrary, we are convinced that it has only laid the foundation stone of the science which socialists must develop in all directions if they wish to keep pace with life…”- Lenin
Yalan ve hilelerinizle baş edemedik, bu bize ders olsun. Ama biz de sizin önünüzde diz çökmedik, bu da size ders olsun”
Seyit RIZA
An important note from Mao on people who study Marx too much as dogmatic faith. Who become so orientated on being a Marxist purist that they lose all connections to the prevailing material realities. ‘The method of studying the social sciences exclusively from the book is likewise extremely dangerous and may even lead one onto the road of counter-revolution. Clear proof of this is provided by the fact that whole batches of Chinese Communists who confined themselves to books in their study of the social sciences have turned into counter-revolutionaries. When we say Marxism is correct, it is certainly not because Marx was a “prophet” but because his theory has been proved correct in our practice and in our struggle. We need Marxism in our struggle. In our acceptance of his theory no such formalisation of mystical notion as that of “prophecy” ever enters our minds. Many who have read Marxist books have become renegades from the revolution, whereas illiterate workers often grasp Marxism very well. Of course we should study Marxist books, but this study must be integrated with our country’s actual conditions. We need books, but we must overcome book worship, which is divorced from the actual situation. How can we overcome book worship? The only way is to investigate the actual situation.” Mao: Selected Works of ★☭ Mao Tse-tung May 1930 ★☭

Long Live People’s War in Turkey!


  1. SK
    December 10, 2010 at 5:00 am

    good film comrade

  2. Padmalal
    December 10, 2010 at 5:05 am

    There was a great breve struggle in turkey in that time pioneered by Maoist comrades in turkey. There was no reason to worry, death of the 17 comrades are only little retreat but tomorrow Maoist movement will spread widely in this Planet and will open the door for the great communist Era.

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